Rotten Grape Wine


The company of wine people is one of South Africa’s top wine producers and the country’s fifth largest packaged wine exporter bringing 80% of our volume to markets around the globe with the rest sold locally. Our wine portfolio offers both age-old brands steeped in centuries of tradition and lifestyle brands in the modern idiom. The wines span all segments from the top-end of popular premium to the super-premium segments.

Our core brands are the handcrafted Welmoed export success Arniston Bay the king of South African wines with a little Royal feel but Local Taste.


Client is looking to start a wine bottle brand, they requested us to come up with a great name and logo/icon, Label Design, Packaging, Color Selection to kick start the look and feel.

They wanted a brand which looks Royal but affordable at the same time.


We come up with the name Rotten Grape Wine, and created a logo, icon with little bit of Royal King Face and a Wine Bottle on the side.